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Get Measured by a Professional

Give your local jeweller a visit and get them to measure your finger to get the most accurate measurement. Jewellers are usually free so don’t be afraid to ask. The best time would be early in the mornings or when your hands are cold. warm hands are usually a little swollen and may not always give an accurate measurement.

Alzera Get Measure

Guide Ring Sizer

Order one of our ring sizers to measure your finger at home. Wrap the ring sizer around the finger to be measured. Pull ring tight but still loose enough to comfortably slide of your knuckle. Record the letter on the band that fits you the best and order your ring according to the size that fits you perfectly.

Alzera Guide Ring

Necklace Length

18” / 20” / 24”

This is an indication of each necklace length. Choosing the right length of chain for your next necklace is important. Choose between these three lengths available when ordering your next necklace in the necklace length selection box.

Alzera Necklace

International Conversion Chart

International Conversion Chart
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