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Zirconium (ZR) belong to the group IVB of the periodic table, in its natural state it is dark grey in colour. All zirconium rings go through a extreme heat treatment that causes the outer layer to form a black oxidized coating that is extremely hard wearing and durable.

Black zirconium is making its way into the popular market for men looking for a black ring for everyday wear.

Black zirconium has a high resistance to corrosion and will not fade in colour over time. Black zirconium is hypoallergenic that means it will not irritate your finger or cause an allergic reaction.

Although it is a hard wearing ring it is not resistant to scratching so care must be taken when doing Hard work, activities and sports just like any other jewellery.

When a brushed finish is applied it gives a gun metal black look. a Polished finish will be dark black in colour.


Wood is a natural material and should be removed before washing your hands, taking a bath or shower and swimming. Care for your wood ring by occasionally treating it with raw linseed oil or any wood oil product available.


Silver jewellery is known to tarnish over time. It is presented in a black or dark colour. when tarnished it can be rubbed with a silver polish cloth or silver dipping solution, which can be purchased at any jewellery store. It is quite inexpensive.

Jewellery should be cleaned regularly with warm soapy water and an old toothbrush. To prevent tarnishing, jewellery should be worn often. Household chemicals causes tarnishing in silver jewellery and should be removed when doing any household chores. when accessorizing try and put your jewellery on last, body creams and perfumes can cause silver to tarnish.


Always remove your leather product before taking a bath a shower or going swimming. let your leather product dry by itself away from away from artificial heat.

To keep leather supple treat it with leather conditioner every 3 to 6 months

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