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We can helP YOU DESIGN

Black rings are a very popular choice in the modern world and finding that perfect ring for your big day can be challenging.

First obstacle you will face is to find the perfect design that will suit your unique personality, then the second challenge is to find that one shop that can provide you with that exact design and guarantee you the quality that you’re after.

It can be even more challenging to find someone to design and hand make that ring to your personal preference.

Every ring from Alzera Design is 100% handmade. We do not believe in ordering ring blanks or any accessories from anywhere.

We are here to help you make that decision on what material to use and the design.

Who is alzera design

We are a small husband and wife team working from our home workshop in Broadford Co.Kildare Ireland.

Alzera design specializes in Black zirconium rings, we are absolutely in love with this amazing material.

We believe in giving men what they want because everyone seems to forget about men. 

Men also deserve to have something nice.

Each ring is individually made by hand making each ring unique.

We love seeing people happy and one way we can do this is by offering custom work to you.

We love taking on new challenges and pushing ourselves to try something new so please come to us and we can work together to design your perfect ring. 


Why zirconium YOU MIGHT ASK?

In its natural state it is dark grey in colour, but zirconium has its own magic that no other metal has.

From its natural state it might get confused for titanium or even stainless steel.

Zirconium is a very light weight material and makes a comfortable ring to wear

What makes zirconium so interesting is the fact that it has its own blacking property.

By exposing zirconium to a high temperature, it reacts with the air around it and forms a black oxidized layer. It is not painted or anodized to get this colour.

This layer is what makes zirconium so special compared to any other metal. This black layer is very hard and almost scratch resistance, and it will never fade in colour so for as long as you have your ring it will remain the same black colour as the first day you got it.

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Safety tips to consider

 Unlike Titanium, Zirconium is a softer metal in it’s structure and therefor can easily be removed in an emergency situation. 

 Zirconium can easily be cut open with a hacksaw or in the emergency room with their ring removal tool which makes this a much saver option over  Titanium

the prosess of making a zirconium ring

Every ring starts off with a solid bar of zirconium. 

A piece gets cut off and placed in the lathe where it gets cut to the desired dimensions that will form the rough size and shape of the ring

Zirconium is easily cut on the lathe, but caution must be taken as the shavings is highly flammable and any spark could cause a fire.

To prevent sparks and fire, very sharp cutting tools must be used along with cutting fluid.

Once we reach the dimensions for the specific ring, a parting tool is used to cut off the ring from the bar and from here everything is done on the bench by hand.

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ring sizing and polishing

After the ring is cut to rough size on the lathe each ring gets worked on by hand on the bench. This process is the most time-consuming part of the process but also where all the detail and attention go into every ring that we make.

We have a love for comfort fit finishes, it makes a ring so much more comfortable to wear and looks neat and tidy.

To accomplish a comfort fit we must cut quite a lot from the inside sides to give it that half round look. 

Zirconium can be very unforgiving when it comes to cutting and grinding on the bench, so it takes a long time to get it to the final shape and size.

After the shape is formed, I will start with 180 grid sandpaper to start the polishing process. Each grid that we go through is to get rid of the previous scratch marks that was left from the rougher grid sandpaper.

Zirconium is very hard to achieve a mirror like polish finish and that is what we aim for to represent the quality of our products.

To achieve this, we must go through all the grids, 180, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1200, 2000, 2500, 3000, 5000 and then finally give it a polish with a polishing mob and polishing compound.

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how to make your ring black

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Once the shaping, sizing, and polishing is done it is time to convert the grey silver colour to the black.

To achieve this black coating after polish, we need to be cautious, clean the ring very well as any fingerprints or oily residue left behind will be burned into the ring and be part of your ring for life.

Use white spirits with a clean cloth to clean any oil or polishing compound off the ring and carefully place it on a firing block to prepare for the firing stage.

We use our jewelry torch to heat the ring up to a bright orange colour roughly 700 degrees Celsius ensuring the whole ring is equally heated and keep the heat on it for a little while.

Once the flame is removed and it starts to cool down it will turn black in an instance. 

The black layer that forms during the firing stage is very hard and durable, if care is taken it can last a lifetime.

Care must be taken as the black layer can get scratched and it will reveal its natural silver colour underneath.  

That is why it is very important to take care of your ring just like any other precious metal jewelry. Remove your ring when you plan on going to the gym or do any hard work.

Take care of your ring and it will last a lifetime.

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